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US Health Care Reform

November 20th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Sent via email to the Hon. Senators Landrieu, Lincoln and Nelson:

I strongly urge you not to support the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” for the following reasons:

1. Government has a very poor record of controlling real costs of goods and services. A review of projected verses actual Medicare costs is assuredly relevant.

2. A centrally planned rewrite of the entire Heath Care System that serves the majority of Americans well (supported by all polling data) is not the optimal approach to ensuring health care services for all.

3. It’s a budget buster and we all know it. One need look no further than my State of California to note how out of control government spending leads to a never ending miasma.

4. There is no Constitutional authority for the Federal Government to require the purchase of a good or service by individual citizens. It’s unprecedented and will no doubt be challenged in court.

5. Moderates should not have to pay at the election booth for the grandiose schemes of their party leaders.

I invite you to consider carefully and rationally what the unintended consequences of this legislation would be. Far better for Congress to consider incremental reform such as:

– Decoupling health insurance and tax benefits from employer provided plans.

– Allow deregulation of interstate insurance purchases to enhance competition.

– Malpractice tort reform to reduce practice of defensive medicine.

– Non-cancel clauses in insurance policies for utilization of contracted benefits.

– Guaranteed issue of catastrophic medical insurance coverage.

Thank you for your consideration of these points.


Ron Bischof

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